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McGrath Real Estate Group, located in Glenelg is a family-owned, personalised service real estate sales and property management business, established in 1970.

McGrath Real Estate, like many other family businesses, has had to confront the complexities of generational change while providing confidence and career pathways for its employees.

Started as a family owned and operated business, McGrath Real Estate navigated the first phase of family business evolution, by engaging Joh Graney to build an exit strategy for its founder, Ray McGrath. Today the business continues to evolve as the next phase of family business evolution takes effect with the current owner, Paul McGrath.

Change is a constant

Change in business is a constant, and so the move to engage Joh Graney has been not only prudent, but highly rewarding for the business, the staff, and the clientele.

When Paul McGrath took the reins five years ago, he had the self-awareness to know that his vision for the business required a different skills base at the helm, leaving Joh to lead and inspire the McGrath team. Paul’s vision has served McGrath well, with Joh providing dynamic leadership to build an outstanding workplace culture, a family ethos, and genuine care into McGrath’s business. At McGrath clients are more than a transaction, they are the core business focus, and are treated with personalised service.

Paul’s vision, together with Joh’s leadership has seen the business flourish where others might have failed. At McGrath, the team are treated as family. This is the ethos of how McGrath treats and supports its staff, and in turn how the staff treat valued clients. Continual support, up-skilling and opportunity creation ensures that service to clients remains exemplary at all times, not just as a one-off. Creating flexibility in the team through cross-training of roles and business areas ensures best practice is employed at all times.

It’s said that it takes a village to raise a child, and so it takes many perspectives and skill sets to run a successful business. McGrath Real Estate believes in the value of nurturing their employees, valuing each person’s input, development of its people, and building meaningful relationships with its clients.

We are the property managers who care about your investment

Buying and selling haven’t just been the sole focus of the business as it also comprises a large property management portfolio of more than 500 properties and is well equipped to handle your property needs.

“Our commitment to finding the best solution for every individual has secured us numerous industry awards over the years, and brought referral business from far and wide.” Paul McGrath says.

“Outstanding customer service combined with a proven record of sales achievement are the keys to our success, and we now provide all your real needs at our office on Brighton Road, Glenelg,’ Paul continues.

Living and working in the area for many decades has seen McGrath Real Estate develop a commitment to the local community and is a proud supporter of many sporting and charitable organisations.

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