To Mover, or not to Mover
By Amanda Scali

7/08/2018 10:25am

The excitement of moving

We all know the excitement of moving into that perfect new place. You’ve found the one, it will look amazing with all your furniture, and it will be somewhere you feel happy and safe.


Be it that you’ve bought, or that you are renting, the dream of the perfect place inevitably encounters some early challenges, and by this we mean logistics.


We’re talking about making that house a home by moving in all your personal furniture and other belongings.


It’s amazing how much “stuff” people accumulate as they fit out each house to make it their own, and the downside to having these things is that it all needs to be moved from one place to the next each time you move.


Often people don’t realise how much they actually have until they have to move it!


At these times, we recommend that the best way for the shine not to be diminished from moving to that perfect new place is to factor hiring movers into your budget so that someone else can do the heavy lifting.

Hire an expert

Hiring movers can make life that much easier for you during the transition between places, it’s safer as you are entrusting a professional with all the right equipment, and at the end of the day, you can just think of it as a cost of doing business, because after all, your life is your business!


Of course, if you want to take our advice but don’t know where to find the right mover who will take care with your precious belongings, we’re always here to help and to point you in the right direction.


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