Top tips to get to the coast
By Amanda Scali

28/08/2018 10:21am

As we get those first few days of sunshine and that inkling that spring is near, our attention diverts back to the beach from the warmth of staying indoors.


If you’re over the cold and looking to make that move to beach-side living, here are our top tips to get you there.


Buy, Buy, Buy

As Australian's, it's in our blood to love the beach and the lifestyle coastal living creates and we’re big advocates for getting people to the coast.


If you’ve been dedicated enough to stay in and save that deposit for your dream lifestyle home at the beach during the colder months, then now is a great time to be looking to snap something up, so you're all settled by the time summer gets into full swing.


Rent the dream

A great way to check out how you’ll fit into a new home and suburb is to dip your toe in the water (so to speak). Pick the place you think you’d most like to live and try before you buy.


This option also has the bonus that if you haven't been as diligent as maybe you could have with your savings, you can still get to where you want to be.


Short stays

There are many great short-term accommodation options near the beach, so there’s no excuse not to get down here and try it out. You can opt for a weekend getaway in an air BnB, a hotel, or caravan park.


Whichever you choose, you’ll get that taste of the fresh sea air and coastal living you’ve been longing for during those colder months stuck inside the house.


Day Tripping

Of course, there is always the option of just heading to the beach for a drive on the weekend. Adelaide is lucky to have access to beautiful beaches within just a 15-minute drive of the CBD.


Once you pick a destination, rally the family, jump in the car and head on down to one of our beautiful city fringe beach suburbs.


And if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, there are stunning, family-friendly beaches all the way down the coastline.


There are plenty of ways to have a slice of the coastal lifestyle, and there’s an option to suit every budget. But be warned, once you get a taste, you may find it hard to leave!