6-star service in a 3-star world: How McGrath does real estate differently in South Australia
By Amanda Scali

21/07/2016 12:00am

6-star service in a 3-star world: How McGrath does real estate differently in South Australia

 Selling your home can be trying and emotional enough without receiving average service from your agent, which is why McGrath does real estate differently.

While the norm today in almost every field of endeavour seems to be 3-star service, at McGrath Real Estate we stand against this trend.

How poor service still exists in real estate

We hold strongly that the BEST way to get things done most effectively and efficiently is to do them the RIGHT way in the FIRST place.

That may sound obvious, but many things can make people settle for less than that, including:

  • a perceived lack of time
  • information overload
  • a temptation to cut corners to ‘just get things done’

Another is a lack of understanding of the opportunity costs and financial losses that arise from settling for a lower standard of service because it appears to be cheaper.

A cost-effective service will always give a better result than a cheap one, which is why our efforts centre around four cornerstones:

  • people
  • presentation
  • price
  • paperwork

Let's tease them out a little.

6-star service: People first

It’s not just feel-good marketing talk to say that we put people first—for us it’s really just sound business practice.

Working well with people, with their various experiences, emotions, motivations and backgrounds, is key to achieving a great record in property sales.

Just as they would expect personalised service from the staff of a six-star hotel, so each of our clients receives equivalent personal attention from our trained and experienced staff.

Our ratio of listed properties to agents remains such that none become too busy to maintain the 6-star standard of service that characterises our business.

6-star service: Presentation par excellence

It’s undeniable—presentation sells properties.

Your McGrath Real Estate agent will share with you all their inside knowledge on how to highlight your home’s best selling points and downplay any less desirable features.

After four and a half decades of selling property in Adelaide’s western and coastal suburbs, we’ve learned more than a trick or two about how best to appeal to buyers in this local market.

From decluttering and depersonalising to full-blown home staging, we’ll help you to present your property in the most favourable light.

6-star service: The right price

The right price is not necessarily the highest price.

There are many parts to the equation when selling your home and, while achieving a high price is everyone’s goal, people’s motivations can be more complex.

Some people enter the market by choice, while others have family or work situations that dictate their need to sell—for them, the timing of the sale can be equally as important as the bottom line.

Sellers who are leaving town to start a new job or tertiary course, or whose children have been awarded scholarships, don’t have the luxury of waiting to attract the highest price.

Here McGrath’s extensive local experience will guide sellers to the optimum balance between price and timing.

6-star service: Impeccable paperwork

If ever there is a time in your life you want paperwork prepared meticulously, it’s when you sell your biggest asset.

The last thing you need is for a buyer’s finance to be declined or for settlement to be delayed because of sloppy paperwork.

Our team will ensure that the documentation for the sale of your home is completed on time and meets all legislative and financial requirements—if there are nits to be picked, we’ll pick them!

That's how McGrath does real estate differently in SA

We believe our attention to detail regarding the four points above - people, presentation, price, paperwork - is what leads many people to say nobody does real estate better in Adelaide’s west.

McGrath does real estate differently, which is how we have achieved a reputation built on a standard of service that others strive to attain.

Delivering a 6-star service is fundamental to our success in sales by meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Talk to us about the difference our 6-star service can make to the sale of your property.