Picking a Cook’s kitchen
By Amanda Scali

22/07/2019 1:01pm

If you are a foodie, or love to entertain, picking a kitchen that is going to tick all the boxes for preparing culinary delights or entertaining might be high on the list of priorities when choosing a new home. But, with everything in life, there is often compromise.


You may have a big wishlist, but the budget, space, or size might not fit your expectations.


So, if you are looking at a house you love but the kitchen is the area that is not quite selling you, here are some tips for thinking outside the box.


Is there room to renovate?


Is the house you are buying an older home with a dated kitchen with green walls and wooden cupboards?


If this is not your style, there might be scope to renovate the kitchen before you move in to allow it to feel a bit more like home.


When considering renovations to a kitchen, look at whether the space can be re-done within your budget.


Or alternatively, can you make some simple and inexpensive changes such as a fresh coat of paint and new doors and handles to make the space more you?


Sometimes it’s about making some minor tweaks, and if larger and more grand ideas are up your alley such as removing walls and expanding spaces, make sure these changes can be factored in.


Practicality is key


A kitchen needs to essentially be a working space for most families, and it needs to be practical for your needs.


For example, does it have enough bench space and power points for all your appliances, and does it have the ability to add a larger oven or stovetop if this is what you require?


Make sure the space is going to work for you and your lifestyle. Sometimes we fall in love with a kitchen, but we haven’t thought about how we use the space on a day to day basis. When looking at a space, think about where all your appliances and things will go before you buy.




Space can be a real issue in a kitchen if it hasn’t been thought through properly.


Do you have enough cupboard space and storage? And will your benchtop fit all the appliances that you use daily? If not, you may need to get creative and look to combine appliances into one or look for a kitchen that better suits your needs.




If you are planning on making modifications, ensure that you get expert advice before you sign on the dotted line. Kitchen layouts can be expensive to change. Even adding simple things like extra power points can be a real pain and a drain on the wallet if they haven’t been thought out properly.


When buying a home, make sure you take the time to see if the space works, if it can grow with you, and if changes can be made for you to enjoy the space now and into the future.