Getting a good night’s sleep
By Amanda Scali

23/06/2020 12:16pm

Getting a good night’s sleep
Sticking with our theme of healthy living at the moment, today we are going to focus on getting that much-needed rest to keep us healthy and happy.
Getting a good night's sleep is critical for our health, but if you've ever had insomnia due to stress or other factors, you will appreciate just how frustrating it can be to get some quality shut-eye.

Here are our top tips for getting a great night’s rest.
Create a beautiful space
Creating a space that you love to be in can really help you get a good night’s sleep.
Take time in picking the right bed linen, pillows and mattress so that your bed feels like a haven.
Look to add lighting that is soft by using lamps or even salt lamps and try adding a few plants for a more homely and inviting vibe.

Remove tech and work
Tech can be a major distraction for a good night’s sleep. So try and remove your tech such as mobile phones and laptops.
If you have been working from home recently and your bedroom doubles as a makeshift office, try and remove reminders of work at bedtime to make the space calmer and more enjoyable.

Keep the temperature just right
Having your bedroom area too hot or too cold can really disrupt a good night’s sleep.
Try and keep your bedroom comfortably cool and not too hot to aid with a restful night’s shuteye. 
If your bedroom is prone to being dry in the winter months due to heaters running, try and add a humidifier to keep the room feeling cosy.

Add a relaxing scent
Burn a candle while you are getting ready for bed to aid with relaxation.
Burn scents such as lavender or clary sage for relaxation. You can also use a humidifier or oil burner to add a calming scent to the room.

Keep it dark
Sometimes we fail to get a good night shut-eye because of the light in our sleeping area. 
Try and keep your room as dark as possible for the duration of your sleep cycle.
You may need to add blackout blinds or extra curtains to help with this.
And it may also mean removing or covering up digital clocks, etc. that add artificial light to your room.
Getting a good night’s rest will have you ready for the day to day tasks in front of you with more clarity and energy.