Giving your house street appeal that gives a wow factor!
By Amanda Scali

10/06/2020 4:00pm

Giving your house street appeal that gives a wow factor!
Is your beautiful home being let down by a tired street view?
Are you looking to spruce up your street appeal and to give your house that wow factor?
You might be looking to sell your home, or just give it a bit more love and street cred. 
Fixing it up can be easy but knowing where to start can be a bit harder.
Your curbside appeal is incredibly important, especially if you’re selling your home. It is the first view that a prospective buyer will see when they arrive at your house to view the property.
You want it to be love at first sight when they arrive.

Gardens and lawns
If you are looking to put your house on the market or even if you want to just spruce up your street appeal, you can do a lot in the area of tidying up your gardens and lawns.
It might be time to plant some new plants and give the lawn a good mow to keep everything looking fresh and tidy.
Think about planting plants that will grow into the type of garden you are looking for; that could be an English style manicured garden or something a bit more messy and freestyle.
Your Roof
When someone is looking at your property with fresh eyes, don't underestimate that they might be looking up. And when they look up, they are going to see your roof.
Investing in the roof that goes over your head is an investment in the future. It might be as simple as giving your roof a clean and a paint dependant on the surface or replacing old and broken tiles.
Or it might be a bigger job of replacing the roof entirely. This may seem daunting but can be a great investment in your property, and there are companies that can come out and get the job done for you as painlessly as possible.
A fresh coat of paint
A fresh coat of paint can make your house look as good as new and can give your home a much-needed refresh.
Just remember simple things like making sure the colours all work together.
And if you've painted your home, don't forget to paint the fence too. As it will help add to the overall look of the property.
Windows and details
You might want to look to replace the windows, add some plantation shutters or give the windows a good a proper clean to open up the space and make your home look the goods. 
You can also replace curtains on the inside to help with the overall feel of the property from the outside.
The big picture
Make sure you take the time to have a look at your house from a little further away, we can often be so close to our own homes that we fail to see little details that might be noticed by a prospective buyer or a visiting friend.
Take a look at your home from across the street and above as well if you can.
Start small with your home improvements and work your way up from there to get a result that you, your family and prospective buyers will love.