Has Corona Virus changed the way we live
By Amanda Scali

2/07/2020 11:28am

Has Corona Virus changed the way we live
It’s safe to say that a lot of us have been spending a lot more time at home in 2020, due to Covid-19. It might be because you are working from home, less nights out at your favourite restaurants or that International travel is off the cards for the year.

With more time at home, it gives us time to look at the space we live in and how we use it and make the best out of it.

We would probably be na├»ve to think that Covid-19 and the situation that has been thrust upon hasn’t made many people look at their lives and their living situation and look to make some changes.

Additionally, through these changes, we might see a more significant shift in society in how we live, work, play and design our homes into the future. 

It could be that we look to design our homes with more multi-use spaces. Living areas that can be transformed into office space during the day, for example, and then into comfy and cosy spaces for the family to enjoy in the evening. We might look to build homes that allow for more natural light and fresh air to make the areas more versatile and enjoyable.

Or it might be that we are looking to simplify our lives, to move out of a smaller apartment in the city centre and choose to live that little bit further out of town with more space, access to beaches and parks. Somewhere we can stretch out a bit, be involved in our local community more and enjoy the day to day.

There may also be a transition to more flexible working arrangements for specific roles and occupations. Allowing some people to partially or fully work from a home office space at certain times and this is sure to see homes change to reflect this in workable communal spaces, office spaces designed into builds or even purpose-built office retreats if space permits.

The opportunities are endless, and it is fantastic that people are starting to look at what is important to them in their home life and how the spaces around us can affect how we work, our moods and our overall quality of life.

I hope that we see a rise in thoughtful living; in building spaces that reflect our own needs and work with the environment to get the best out of the area.

One thing is for sure; I'm am positive that there will be some innovative home ideas to come out of this situation.