Moving tips from a professional: Keep information in one place
By Amanda Scali

8/03/2017 12:00am

Moving tips from a professional: Keep information in one place

If you’ve moved a lot, you could probably share your own moving tips from a professional but if you haven't, this article will help you and your possessions arrive safely at your new home and you are able to commence your new life with the minimum of fuss.

Rather than repeat all the mistakes of those who have gone before you, use these ideas to save you from going through trial and error and even shedding tears.

These tips have been generously shared with us by an experienced professional mover, so get ready to take some notes and save a lot of heartache.

When you’re packing you may think you’ll remember just where you put what, but you’ll have a lot on your mind; which is why the major theme of today's article is to keep all your important information in one place.

Moving tips from a professional: Create a folder for the move

Even before you book your removalist, you should start putting any information relating to the move in a dedicated folder (one with sections would work well).

The types of information you would keep in your moving folder include:

  • ‘TO DO’ list—jot things down as they come to mind and cross off items that have been attended to
  • change-of-address cards for anyone you can’t notify by email or phone
  • warranties for appliances and equipment to be given to the new owner
  • warranties for appliances and equipment going to the new home
  • quotes for removalists, any services required at your old home (e.g., rubbish removal, satellite dish relocation)
  • contact and booking details for electricity and gas final readings and disconnection, water meter reading, internet and telephone disconnection or transfer, cancelling paper delivery
  • contact details and pick-up times for a charity to collect unwanted furniture and household items (learn about the work of Heart for the Homeless here) and/or a garage-sale kit or information
  • contact details for people and organisations that relate to your new home
  • your VIPs (very important papers)—see below.

Organise your moving folder in a way that makes sense to you, for example, alphabetically, in date order or in order of importance.

If more than one person is accessing the folder, be sure to share the organisation system with them all.

Moving tips from a professional: Take care of your VIPs

One of the most important sections of your moving folder is your VIPs—very important papers.

These are the items that can’t be replaced in a hurry (if at all, depending on their vintage), but can be needed urgently when you start life in your new home, particularly if it is in another state.

Your VIPS include:

  • passports
  • birth certificates
  • vaccination records for children and pets
  • university qualifications and results
  • school results and records
  • employment contracts and references
  • banking records
  • invoices and statements
  • cheque books
  • backup disks for computers

Since your moving folder will contain all these VIPs, ensure that is out of sight in a safe place when you are not using it.

Moving tips from a professional: Our work here is done

If we’ve helped you sell a home and buy another, all of us at the McGrath Real Estate are happy to have been a part of this significant phase of your life.

All that’s left for us to do is to wish you and your household a smooth move and a wonderful life in your new home.

And next time you need to sell or buy in Adelaide’s western and coastal suburbs, we’ll be at the ready with our friendly and expert service.


Image: Filing System by Bjørn Bulthuis via Flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0