Some common real estate myths debunked!
By Alison Burgess

12/03/2019 11:54am

There are a lot of assumptions that go on around the real estate market about the best way to do things, i.e. the best time to sell, etc.


So, we thought we’d tackle some of these myths head on to help you make the decision about when to buy or sell a property.


Now is a bad time to buy a house


For as long as people have been buying and selling property, there has always been a lot of analysis done around when is the right time to buy and sell a property.


And no doubt you will have that well-meaning Aunt or Uncle that will tell you that now is a crazy time to buy or sell for multiple reasons.


Terms like the ‘bubble will burst soon’ or ‘the market is hot’ are all thrown around by well-meaning people and experts as well.


Yes, doing your research into the market is imperative, but there is no good or bad time to buy a home. It matters both if it’s a short-term play, or if you’re buying something for the long term, but it’s also about getting you into a home that suits.


Don’t sell in winter


We’ve all heard it before, don’t sell in the colder months, because the market is cold (literally) and that is simply not true.


People buy property all year round, and if you have an experienced agent, they will be able to help sell your house when you need it.


Another added tip – If you have great central heating or a fireplace, it could really help selling your home in the cooler months. Bonus!


Weekends are the best time to hold an open house


Weekends are a great time to have an open house, but they are not the only time.


A lot of people have commitments for sports, children and social things happening on weekends, so it is not always the best time to open your property.


Sometimes lunch opens or after work (at say 6 pm) can work better for people looking to buy your home. Be flexible with the times that suit your ideal buyer.


It’s impossible to buy your first home in today’s market


If you are a first home buyer, it can be a bit discouraging when you read the news about how hard it is to get into the market.


However, there are many opportunities for first home buyers to get into the market, and it may mean looking at something you can easily afford for your first home, and then upgrading later down the track.


You don’t have to have the dream home first time around.


Selling your home yourself will save you money


Selling your home yourself will save you on agent fees, this is true, but nothing can beat the experience of an agent who has the expertise and connections to get your house sold. There is a very good reason most people use agents.


They are also master negotiators, so they may be able to negotiate a higher price than what you would be able to get yourself.


They are also not emotionally invested, so they will be able to see your property more objectively than you might.


There are so many factors that come into play when choosing the right time to buy or sell your home. And it might not just be about market trends, time of year, etc because it needs to fit in with your needs and requirements.


Working with an agent if you are nervous about timing and any of these other myths can greatly assist. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.