Why we should watch more sunsets and less Netflix
By Amanda Scali

18/03/2019 11:53am

Nobody panic, it’s only mid-March… MID MARCH!


There are a lot of theories as to why life seems to zip by at such a fast and crazy pace as we get older.


Society has become busier, people are more connected and the once 9 – 5 work hours are blurred with emails on weekends and a constant expectation to always be on.


And the world we live in can be cruel and offer up events that are hard to grapple with, leaving us pondering the purpose of humanity.


There has been a whole lot of sadness around in the past week with the events in New Zealand, and whilst we come to terms with another senseless act of aggression where there should have been compassion and love, it’s time to bring us back to our roots and what is truly important in life.

Switch off

Our news cycles often highlight the worst in the world, and that is why sometimes we need to switch off.


Not switching off in a way that implies we don’t care about what is going on, but to look out for ourselves and our loved ones.


Those times when it all gets a bit too much are a great time to turn off the TV, the computer, the iPad, and leave your phone at home so you connect with those who matter most to you.


Get out in the fresh air, go for a hike, take it all in and make a promise to yourself and those you love to watch more sunsets and less Netflix.


Why? Because we live in a beautiful world full of opportunity, love and people we care about.


Often though, we zip through the days and it’s not until something shattering happens that we’re jolted back to reality and we take the time to remember just what we do have.


Maybe watching sunsets is not your thing, maybe it’s more about getting involved with your local community.


The point is that in times of world or political turmoil, one of the best things we can do is remember the love in our lives, our reason for being, to ground ourselves in the things that make us calm, and to take stock of life and all the love and beauty around us.