10 things to remember through trying times
By Amanda Scali

17/03/2020 12:10pm

10 things to remember through trying times
The state of the world news, your Facebook feed or the conversations going on around the water cooler at the moment can be enough to make your head spin.

With so much uncertainty in the world right now from bushfires, to COVID-19 to it can be helpful to try and put these situations into perspective and look at how we react to things and what lens we view situations through – both good and bad.

Fear can cause us to act and do strange things in trying times. So, here are some ways to lead with love instead of fear.

1. There is always something to be thankful for
In times of considerable uncertainty, we can often think everything is doom and gloom. Instead, try and look at what you are thankful for.
It can be as simple as a good cup of coffee in the morning, the fact that the sun is shining, etc.

2. Mindset is everything
Try and have a positive mindset in the face of adversity. It can be a tricky one, but having a positive mindset can help you ride out tough times.

3. Prioritise self-care
Take some time out for you to look after yourself. Draw a bath, get outside for a walk, read a book or open your favourite bottle of wine.

4. Talk about it
If you are feeling anxious about current events, talk it through with your partner, a family member or close friend. It can help to talk about your fears.

5. Act with love, not fear

Try and act with love instead of fear in times of uncertainty. Look at how you can support local businesses, shop online from them, give them a review and check on your elderly neighbour or friend. Kindness can go a long way in times of fear.

6. Your biggest fears don’t really exist
Think about the absolute worst-case scenario for you, now work backwards. Is it likely to happen, how many factors would need to line up for the worst-case to come true? This can help put things into perspective.

7. Limit your exposure to media
If you are finding all the news overwhelming, take a break. Check-in with the news once or twice a day instead of a constant stream of media. You will still be informed but feel a whole lot better.

8. Find inspiration in others
If you know a super inspirational person, reach out to them. Watch their social media content or Ted Talk videos. Look for inspiration in times of despair

9. This too shall pass
Know that this too shall pass. Please take a deep breath and take it one day at a time.

10. Do something that makes you happy
Do something that will make you feel good about the world again. Get some sunshine; fresh air can do wonders, call a friend or take some time out for you.