Tips for working from home
By Amanda Scali

30/03/2020 12:01pm

Tips for working from home

Have you been thrust into working from home recently? And possibly having your children at home as well doing their lessons remotely?

Working from home, especially if the whole family is home can be a challenge. You can get easily distracted and you might be feeling a little lost or unmotivated.

And if you are working at home on your own it can often be lonely and isolating. It’s important to keep some sense of routine and normal life while working from home for the first time.

Here are some of our tips on working from home.

Have set work hours
Just like you would in the office have set work hours. Try and get up at a similar time every day, put on some comfortable clothes that you feel good in, brush your hair, put on some makeup or whatever makes you feel good about the day and have a routine.

Working in your PJs without showering might seem like a great idea at first, but you are likely to be less motivated and not work-ready.

Set up a designated work area
It doesn’t have to be an at-home office but try and set up a work area, so you have everything you need. Try somewhere that gets some natural light and somewhere that might inspire you. Put a plant on your desk or a motivational quote that makes you feel good.

Take breaks
Try and take regular breaks and have your lunch away from your designated work area. If you have an area outside, try and get out in the fresh air for a break a few times a day.

Keep in touch with your colleagues
It’s essential to stay in contact with your colleagues and have regular contact. Instead of just emailing your staff try and pick up the phone or set up a Zoom or Skype call.

Now more than ever, it is important to stay connected and check in with those you work with.

Make your environment as enjoyable as possible during this time. Stress can be damaging to your immune system, so try and do the things that helps to de-stress you. That might be having some soft music on in the background, lighting a candle or adding colour to your workspace or attire.