We find the rentals that fit your lifestyle
By Amanda Scali

15/05/2018 12:00am

We find the rentals that fit your lifestyle

Finding a rental property is probably up there with some of those least favourite tasks, like visiting the dentist, or having your annual review with your boss.


It can take hours of trawling through properties online late at night, contacting agents that don’t contact you back, and trying to find something that fits all of your needs. Then there’s the open inspections and the wondering if you will ever find the right one.

Space for the Fur-babies too

Finding a new home for your furry best friend who loves nothing more than big beach walks and then to sit at your feet under the dinner table, or a house for your surfboard collection or your four-car family can take a lot of hours.


We all know that the rental market is only so big and when you throw in a special request like indoor pets, or space for a piano the segment of the market decreases rapidly.


At McGrath Real Estate we work to pair our clients with the perfect property that fits their lifestyle needs because we know that finding the right place for you is just what you need to take that next step in your life and move into somewhere that you love.


We also want our landlords to have great tenants that look after their home like it was their own, so at the end of the day, it’s all about knowing your needs and what will be the best fit for your lifestyle.


If you need a lifestyle house that fits more than just the kitchen sink, get in touch with our friendly team today.


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