Scentsational tips for selling your home: Real estate and the power of smell
By Amanda Scali

1/09/2016 12:00am

Scentsational tips for selling your home: Real estate and the power of smell

Real estate and the power of smell are two elements that need to be handled by professionals because very powerful forces are at play.

You'll understand the power that scent wields if ever you've walked past a sausage sizzle and, even though you weren’t hungry, succumbed to the irresistible smell of barbecuing sausages and frying onions!

That distinctive scent wafting on the breeze awakens your memories of past enjoyment of a hot snag in a slice of fresh bread.

Other smells—like that of freshly cut grass or of the air after a summer storm—can bring to mind happy memories from other times and lift your mood.

Real estate and the power of smell

Although humans’ sense of smell is not as acute as that of many animals, it is still a direct and powerful trigger of emotions—both positive and negative, and that's why it's an important tool in the hands of experienced real estate agents.

Research into human olfaction (the sense of smell; the act or process of smelling) has found that what we smell can influence our moods and energy levels.

Earlier this year, I touched on the science of smell in an articled entitled, Science of selling real estate: What does a good property price smell like?

Buying a home is an emotionally charged process; using the power of scent to tap into those emotions is just one more way McGrath Real Estate helps to improve your chances of selling for a great price.

Selling your home: Out with the odours

We tend to become used to the odours around our own homes, but they can be readily detected by and very off-putting for potential buyers.

Take action to eliminate the following sources of unpleasant smells:

McGrath Real Estate ties the science of smell to the art of selling to make sure all parties have fond memories of the house buying/selling process.