September 2018

A Coastal BBQ with a twist

Amanda Scali   24/09/2018 10:27am

There is nothing better as the days start to get that little bit longer than to have those closest over for a BBQ in the sunshine.


A perfect opportunity to get together with friends, family or maybe even your neighbours, and enjoy the beautiful weather in Adelaide at the moment.


BBQ’s need not always be burgers, snags and steaks. This recipe offers a twist on the traditional Aussie BBQ that is simple to prepare and delicious to boot!


So, breath in the fresh sea air whilst sipping on a delicious glass of wine and grilling some Spanish-style sardines on the BBQ with whoever is lucky enough to get an invite!

It’s a dog’s life

Alison Burgess   17/09/2018 10:28am

Adelaide’s coastal suburbs are a great place to live if you and your furry best friend love the beach. Dogs have access to any and every beach in South Australia, but it’s important to know where you need to keep your dog on-leash and those where you can let your pooch loose without getting into trouble!


We love nothing more than taking our furry friends to the beach for a run and then choosing from the many surrounding cafés that will happily cater to your needs as much as your pooches for that well-earned coffee and a break.


Here are some of our favourites to get you in the mood to get down to the coast and have some fun.

Springtime of your life

Amanda Scali   12/09/2018 10:28am

Springtime in Adelaide brings a welcome new season of sunshine and warmer weather after some of us have spent the winter tucked away in the security of our own homes.


But with this new lease of life, comes the question of whether now is the right time for that change of scenery you’ve been longing for?


As more people venture out and about, there is typically a rise in the people looking to buy and sell houses, and this can be seen as either a positive, or a negative depending which side of the fence you’re currently on, and here’s why:

Pack a picnic and head to the coast

Amanda Scali   4/09/2018 10:30am

If you live by the coast, you will be no stranger to making the most of the outdoors. One of our favourite pastimes is to pack a picnic and head to the beach. It is the perfect way to de-stress as you watch the waves roll, the kids play and the world pass.


And it is the perfect opportunity to pack a picnic. But what do you pack in your basket full of goodies?


You might already have a favourite item you like to pack, or you might just be looking for some new ideas to spice up that next lazy afternoon of relaxation.


Here are our picnic favourites that will be sure to impress.