It’s a dog’s life
By Alison Burgess

17/09/2018 10:28am

Adelaide’s coastal suburbs are a great place to live if you and your furry best friend love the beach. Dogs have access to any and every beach in South Australia, but it’s important to know where you need to keep your dog on-leash and those where you can let your pooch loose without getting into trouble!


We love nothing more than taking our furry friends to the beach for a run and then choosing from the many surrounding cafés that will happily cater to your needs as much as your pooches for that well-earned coffee and a break.


Here are some of our favourites to get you in the mood to get down to the coast and have some fun.


O’Sullivan Beach/ Christies Beach

A very popular destination for dog-lovers and it’s off-leash 24/7 all year round. This beautiful beach offers more than 1km of uninterrupted beach to enjoy.

Henley Beach

This is an on-leash beach during daylight savings time (10am-8pm) but still a great beach for you and your best friend, and there’s plenty of cafés to enjoy and seating areas nearby.

Grange-Tennyson Beach

Another on-leash beach, but a great beach to enjoy as it can be a little quieter than Henley beach if that’s your thing. There’s also outside dining and amenities just off the beach for when you need a rest.


This one is off-leash and a little further South from O’Sullivan Beach for those of you wanting to venture further South and away from the city.

Sellicks Beach

Sellick's is a beauty, with 24/7 off-leash and wide flat areas to frolic and play, but you do need to share the beach with vehicles so keep an eye out.


The above are just a few great examples of dog-friendly beaches along Adelaide’s coastal suburbs. So, get down to one of Adelaide beautiful beaches and enjoy all the great things on offer, for you and your furry best friend!