Pack a picnic and head to the coast
By Amanda Scali

4/09/2018 10:30am

If you live by the coast, you will be no stranger to making the most of the outdoors. One of our favourite pastimes is to pack a picnic and head to the beach. It is the perfect way to de-stress as you watch the waves roll, the kids play and the world pass.


And it is the perfect opportunity to pack a picnic. But what do you pack in your basket full of goodies?


You might already have a favourite item you like to pack, or you might just be looking for some new ideas to spice up that next lazy afternoon of relaxation.


Here are our picnic favourites that will be sure to impress.



The blanket. It seems so basic but it’s a must to keep the sand between your toes and out of your food. Bigger is better when it comes to picnic blankets.


Get cheesy

Grab yourself a couple of your favourite cheeses, some crackers, maybe a dip and some olives, and throw them onto a beautiful wooden serving board. There’s something special about framing delicious food on wood that makes it even more fitting to the natural environment of the beach.



Add a breadstick to your basket. Simple and delicious, a freshly baked breadstick cut into slices served with your favourite toppings is a great way to feed the hungry mouths milling around the picnic blanket and goes with just about everything.


Something a little special

Go all out and prepare an antipasto platter. Who doesn’t love some cured meats, olives, sundried tomatoes and fresh basil, baby bocconcini, anchovies, and some vegetables in oil or vinegar. You can really let your imagination run wild when throwing these types of platters together and most of these ingredients can be sourced at your local supermarket.



Add in an assortment of fresh and seasonal fruit. The fresh sea air is made all that much sweeter with a freshly prepared fruit assortment. Think apples, strawberries, a few types of citrus and maybe some kiwi fruit or blueberries. You can go with whatever you like here too.



Add in a beautiful wine to help you unwind. A glass of Rose, or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc is a beautiful addition to bring out the flavours of the food. Just don’t forget to pack the plastic wine glasses and a bottle opener.


The wonderful thing about coastal picnics are that you can tailor them to suit you. Whatever your favourite food or wine, throw it into your picnic hamper and get on down to the coast. It’s even a good chance to use up all the leftovers in the fridge.


Coastal living is about more than just a place, it’s a chance for each person to create their own version of what coastal life is all about.