As the alarm goes off at 6am on Monday morning are you jumping out of bed ready to get into the day or is it more of a drag to get motivated?

With the inevitable number of hours that we spend in the workplace from day to day, week to week it really is important to find something that you love, to find something that you are passionate about and to work with people who are invested in your growth as much as you are.

At McGrath Real Estate Group, we are passionate about our people, in our relationship management with our clients but most importantly with our valued staff who work in our business each and every day.

It’s about cultivating work-life balance and continual improvement and learning. It’s about creating a work environment that people love coming to each and every day.

A workplace and the value of the relationships it provides you should add value to your life, and we work very hard to ensure that our people are inspired, are enjoying their work, gaining new skills and growing in their careers and personally outside the office.

We are thrilled to have been announced as the REISA winner of employer of the year in the small category again this year. Three years in a row and shows our commitment to our team.

As  a result of this outstanding achievement we are to be inducted into the REISA hall of fame which is an immense honour.

The 6am alarm doesn’t need to be a drag; work can be immensely rewarding and great place to be 

If you are looking to change your job and change your life in the process get in touch today. Don’t delay, life is short and meant to be lived.