If you are lucky enough to have a home by the sea, you will enjoy the many benefits of being able to walk out your front door, down the road and hopefully be at the beach within minutes. And in summer this means, skipping the parking rat race and the crowds and you get to enjoy the benefits that living by the beach brings, all year round. Not just in the summertime. Homes by the sea need a few considerations in care and maintenance. Here are some of our tips if you are looking to move coastal.

Salt and Sand

While sand and salt are great at the beach, they can be not as kind to your house. Salt and sand can slowly eat away at your furniture, paint, steel, and floors. Firstly, pick finishing’s that will stand the test of time and are designed for coastal living. To ensure that your house stays in the excellent condition, give the inside of your home a good weekly clean, windows should be scheduled in for regular cleaning as well. And if you are looking to paint your house, ensure you pick the right paint for the changing climate. It might cost a little bit more at the get-go but will save you time and money in the long run. If possible, try and keep your car in a garage and out of the weather.


Stick to plants that can handle the extremes of coastal weather, salt, sand and wind. Many plants are well suited to coastal living but pick wisely. Delicate plants often don’t do well by the seaside. Plants like lavender, hydrangeas and juniper can thrive in coastal areas. If in doubt, talk to an expert at your local garden centre.

Outdoor living

Outdoor living areas need special consideration when planning your space. Look for furniture that is weather appropriate but is also light enough to move out of the weather when the storms roll in. If you have an outdoor kitchen, look at designing this so that everything can be covered appropriately to avoid rust and damage during stormier times. Living by the coast has so many health and lifestyle benefits, and with some careful consideration your home will benefit too.