No matter how big your home is, there is always that one room that you wish was that little bit bigger. It could be your lounge room, your third bedroom or a children’s room.

It might be in selling your home that you are looking to increase a space or just making it look a bit more inviting.

There are simple tricks you can do to make your room appear larger than it is.

Lighter weight fabrics

If you want to make a room look bigger picking lighter weight fabrics instead of heavier alternatives will instantly add a lift to a tiny space.

Heavy weighted curtains will soak up natural light and weigh a room down. Pick lighter fabrics, and that are soft and neutral in the colour palette.


When working with a small space, keep your floors as open as possible. Add a touch of colour with a rug to soften the area but try and keep the floors as visible as possible to make your space appear larger.

Painting and colour

Keep your walls and curtains close in tone and as neutral as possible, keeping your walls a shade of white might be the way to go to make your room appear more significant than it is.

You can always add colour to your room with throw rugs, cushions, plants and artwork.


Mirrors placed in the right area of the room can make a room pop!

Having a mirror can help make a space look a lot bigger and having a large mirror in a small space can be the way to go to add some wow factor.

Clever lighting

Our eyes are drawn towards the light in a room – overhead lights will draw the eyes to the ceiling, while a corner standing lamp will emphasise the size of the room.

Arrange different lighting options around the room, such as lamps on the wall, candles and tiny table lamps.