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Welcome to our collection of blog articles. In this section of the site we share valuable information to help you get the most out of your relationship with us, your plans for real estate, and your appreciation of life here in Adelaide, especially throughout the western and coastal suburbs.

Make the most of your Australia Day!

With Australia day just around the corner, our minds wander to the ever-important question of what do we cook for our guests on Australia day that will have everyone at the party feeling happy, healthy, and patriotic?   For us, there’s nothing quite like the good old...

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Adelaide comes alive for Kids in January

January is absolutely one of the best months to live in Adelaide, and for the kids still enjoying their well-earned, extended holiday break before the start of the new school year, there are ample things to see and do to keep them out of trouble.   What’s on?   The...

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The other side of the investment bubble

There’s been more stringent regulation in recent times in the property investment market. The financial regulators have been cracking down on the banks’ previous habit of lending far more than they should to people wanting to invest in property, and their willingness...

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Is 2019 time for a sea change?

The beginning of a new year is usually that time when people take a minute to reflect on the year that was, where they are now, and where they want to be for the new year and beyond.   This often leads to questions about how happy we are in our jobs, whether our...

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The Post-Christmas Ham

Christmas is a time of giving, and of receiving, but what do you do when you’ve bought a Christmas ham, your cousin who’s come to visit has gifted you one, and the kind old neighbour next door has dropped one off??   Well, you get creative of course!   The lovely...

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When cutting corners is not what you need

For many of us, building a new home is the most significant financial investment we will make in our lives, and the path to this investment is rarely simple.   Most people take a lot of care in choosing their home, and they often take a long time to commit and execute...

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Christmas treats

For most of us the holiday season is a time of fun, a time of joy, and most of all a time to spend with our loved ones; many of whom we may not see throughout other parts of the year.   We love the people around us and we want to give them things that make them feel...

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The other side of the Festive season

For many, the festive season is a time of excitement, anticipation, and winding down after a long year of work.   It’s a time for fun-filled catch-ups with friends, family and loved ones, lots of eating and drinking, and if you’re lucky maybe a getaway to somewhere a...

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Refresh yourself this summer

With the turn of Spring into Summer in Adelaide comes that time when delicious, refreshing ice-blocks are front of mind for all the young (and young at heart) out there to help keep cool, so what better gift to give you than an amazing make-at-home ice-block recipe to...

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Extend Yourself

What do you do when that once dream home becomes too small for the growing family?   A growing family can sometimes mean that the once “dream home” becomes a little tight on space as the first child becomes two, and then three, and so on.   Luckily, for those that own...

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Work to live, not live to work

The end of the year brings with it a time for reflection; to look back at the year that was and decide if it turned out the way we had hoped.

Sometimes we look back with pride, other times the year hasn’t been the easiest and we look back thinking, wow that went fast!

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Planting the Spring garden

Adelaide’s coastal suburbs enjoy a temperate climate, and Springtime brings with it the sunshine to warm the soil in your garden, and the rains you need to grow those beautiful Spring garden delights.

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Summer Pavlova dessert

One of the best ways to create memories in your own home is being able to spend time baking delicious treats to share with friends and family.   Our absolute favourite warm-weather dessert is a delicious, fruit-filled Pavlova. There’s so much room to be creative with...

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Staying Safe and Happy at the Beach

Living by the coast allows many opportunities to grab the kids, the dog, or possibly both and head on down to the beach to enjoy a bit of downtime. With sand between the toes, the smell of sunscreen in the air and the clear blue ocean lapping at the shores, beach days are what dreams are made of.

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What lies ahead for Adelaide Real Estate?

Adelaide Real Estate There is often speculation about the future of Adelaide’s Real Estate market; what it will look like, where the growth suburbs will be, and when is the right time to get into the market.   With the decline in the automotive industry over the last...

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A Coastal BBQ with a twist

There is nothing better as the days start to get that little bit longer than to have those closest over for a BBQ in the sunshine.   A perfect opportunity to get together with friends, family or maybe even your neighbours, and enjoy the beautiful weather in Adelaide...

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It’s a dog’s life

Adelaide’s coastal suburbs are a great place to live if you and your furry best friend love the beach. Dogs have access to any and every beach in South Australia, but it’s important to know where you need to keep your dog on-leash and those where you can let your...

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Springtime of your life

Springtime in Adelaide brings a welcome new season of sunshine and warmer weather after some of us have spent the winter tucked away in the security of our own homes.

But with this new lease of life, comes the question of whether now is the right time for that change of scenery you’ve been longing for?

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Pack a picnic and head to the coast

If you live by the coast, you will be no stranger to making the most of the outdoors. One of our favourite pastimes is to pack a picnic and head to the beach. It is the perfect way to de-stress as you watch the waves roll, the kids play and the world pass.   And it is...

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Top tips to get to the coast

As we get those first few days of sunshine and that inkling that spring is near, our attention diverts back to the beach from the warmth of staying indoors.   If you’re over the cold and looking to make that move to beach-side living, here are our top tips to get you...

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Diversity is beautiful

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this proves true in the myriad of different home styles, both inside and out, that we see every day.   A house starts as a blank canvas in an architect’s office, and it’s not...

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Know thy neighbour

A smile and wave from that someone who brings in the bins while you’re away, and who collects your mail when you can’t is one of those undervalued but essential relationships we make in life.   I always find it interesting that many people don’t know their neighbours....

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