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Welcome to our collection of blog articles. In this section of the site we share valuable information to help you get the most out of your relationship with us, your plans for real estate, and your appreciation of life here in Adelaide, especially throughout the western and coastal suburbs.

Our top tips for saving for your first house deposit

Are you looking to buy your first home this year or invest in a second property? It’s an exciting time, looking to spend your hard-earned cash on a new home or expand your current portfolio. And you might be looking at ways that you can save some more dollars to make...

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Whole baked snapper with crispy potatoes

In South Australia, we are blessed with delicious and locally sourced seafood on offer. You might be looking to add some healthy fish into your cooking roster or get a good hit of Omega-3 fats into your diet. Adding fish into your weekly meal planning can have...

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How to not sweat the small stuff at work

You might be well into your working year, or just starting back afresh after summer holidays with the family. Possibly you might have slid into the end of 2019, a bit burnt out and tired and now that a new year is upon us you might be looking to make some...

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A Summer Declutter

Years of beautiful memories can often turn into your worst nightmare as you walk into a spare room, office or your garage. The thought of starting the process to declutter and sorting through your lifetime of items can be hard, and it can often be emotional as you let...

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Pasta with white wine and mussels

As beautiful summer nights roll on, we are blessed in South Australia with delicious and fresh seafood at our disposal. This pasta dish is the perfect date night dish with your loved one for a special treat, or maybe to celebrate Valentine’s Day next month.What you’ll...

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Moving with your pets

A new year can often bring with it a move into a new home, to a new city or even overseas for a fresh start. If you have a much-beloved family pet, moving with them can be as nerve-racking as settling your child into a new school. Moving to a new house can be...

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Tomato Frittata

A New Year often brings with it new health and fitness goals. And it might mean that you are looking to ditch the takeout eating and do some more cooking at home this year. This recipe for a tomato Frittata is easy to make and will leave you with some...

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Set intentions instead of resolutions this New Year

As we enter into a new year, many of us look to set resolutions for change. And even in spite of the very mixed track record of New Year’s resolutions working, we make them again and again, somehow hoping this time will be different. Often, they fall by...

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Spinach and chicken summer salad

As the weather warms up, you will be looking for easy to prepare recipes. You might be looking to use some leftover roast chicken from Christmas day, or add in a healthy salad option after a little bit of overindulgence. Either way, this recipe is delicious and will...

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5 Ways to give to others this holiday Season

As Christmas is fast approaching your mind may be turning to how you can give in small but significant ways to those around you. Here are some lovely ideas on how to pay it forward this holiday season. They don't have to be grand gestures. Sometimes, it's the little...

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Perfect weeknight fish tacos

Now that the silly season is well and truly upon us you might be looking for some easy, delicious and nutritious recipes for a weeknight feed for the whole family. This fish taco recipe is sure to be a winner in your home.What you’ll need: Fish Taco Ingredients:...

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How to find a great house sitter

Are you heading away for the summer months for a family vacation? You might be looking to find a reliable house sitter, who can look after your garden, pets and home like you will. So how do you find that someone? Here are our top tips. Decide what you need from a...

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Vegan Key Lime Pie

Do you have a family member, friend or your son’s new girlfriend joining you this Christmas who has just told you they are vegetarian or vegan? If so, you might be starting to panic as to what to serve them this Christmas. Or, you might just be looking to add some...

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How to pick the right Real Estate Agent to sell your home

Selling your home can be a nerve-racking and emotional time. And finding the right Real Estate Agent with local knowledge, professionalism and drive to get your house sold can be a daunting task. So how do you pick the right Real Estate Agent to sell your home? Here...

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Healthy, and delicious feel good dinner

Are you trying to add some fish to your diet each week? Salmon is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet and has a bunch of health benefits such as good Omega 3's and is a great source of protein. It is also high in B vitamins, a great source of potassium, and...

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Young professionals – Should I rent or buy?

It is an age-old question of should I rent or should I buy? With property prices on the increase and the dream of owning your own home seeming at times an impossible dream, many young professionals are choosing to rent instead of buy. So, what are some of the...

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Change your work, change your life

As the alarm goes off at 6am on Monday morning are you jumping out of bed ready to get into the day or is it more of a drag to get motivated? With the inevitable number of hours that we spend in the workplace from day to day, week to week it really is important to...

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Salmon poke bowls

If you are looking to add some healthy options to your weeknight cooking rotation, or some super easy lunch ideas that are both delicious and fun to make, you might want to try adding a poke bowl or two. Poke bowls are relatively easy to make, and they are also great...

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How to look after your coastal property

If you are lucky enough to have a home by the sea, you will enjoy the many benefits of being able to walk out your front door, down the road and hopefully be at the beach within minutes. And in summer this means, skipping the parking rat race and the crowds and you...

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Yummy prawn Rice paper Rolls

Rice paper rolls are an easy weeknight snack, a delightful canape for parties or something to keep small mouths and bellies full as the second week of school holidays roll on. You can add any type of meat to rice paper rolls, it doesn’t have to be prawn, but these are...

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Tips to make a room appear bigger

No matter how big your home is, there is always that one room that you wish was that little bit bigger. It could be your lounge room, your third bedroom or a children's room. It might be in selling your home that you are looking to increase a space or just making it...

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School Holiday Fun

As the Spring school holidays are fast approaching, you might be thinking what I am going to do with the little ones this year? There are heaps of activities on this school holidays; The Big Wedgie will be back at Glenelg for another season, there are museums to...

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Styling your Property to sell

Heading into the warmer months, you might be looking to sell your primary home or your investment property, and you will be looking to get your house in a tip, top shape for open inspections. Selling a home can be an emotional time at best, but there can also be the...

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