What do I get for the rental property management rates I pay? Landlord insights from McGrath Real Estate Glenelg Adelaide.As landlords and property owners, you may be asking the question – what do I get for the rental property management rates I pay?

Property management companies provide a multitude of benefits to landlords and owners alike. Discussed below are a few of them.

It is also worth noting that many of the benefits you receive from property management are intangible, and often the fruits of intangible benefits become more deeply appreciated over the long term.

Having said that, screening of tenants, coordinating maintenance requests, taking on the administrative burdens, these things all pay dividends from the outset, once you have hired an experienced, active, and caring property manager.

What do you get for your rental property management rates? Tenant screening

Property management companies in Adelaide, like McGrath Real Estate, conduct extensive tenant screening before referencing them to you.

Acting as middlemen, we ensure that only the best of tenants are directed to you.

Your property managers will also function as touchpoints between you and your tenants during the entire rental period.

An additional benefit is rental advertising.

McGrath Real Estate’s property management team will use its networks and experience to make sure you have a steady supply of tenants so that your rental property makes substantial earnings.

What do you get for your rental property management rates? Timely rent payment

Having a property management company at your side will ensure that all the transactions between you and the tenant remain professional and hassle-free.

If you have ever rented property to friends or family, you know how awkward it can be when rent falls into arrears.

By engaging McGrath Real Estate as your property managers, we can take care of everything, right from the signing of the tenancy agreement to the final rental payment.

What do you get for your rental property management rates? Property maintenance

McGrath Real Estate prides itself on being a property management company in Adelaide that takes property maintenance and repair services seriously.

With an online portal for tenants to register maintenance requests, and a network of trusted tradespeople, McGrath Real Estate can really shoulder the load for you when it comes to dealing with these important aspects of rental property management.

Our team knows how to ensure your premises are kept spic and span so that your tenant has a comfortable stay at your property and you have a comfortable role as landlord.

What do you get for your rental property management rates? Regulatory compliance

To offer rental properties in South Australia, you must adhere to multiple rules and regulations.

This is possibly the most confusing aspect of being a landlord and the reason why many have chosen McGrath to handle their property management.

Our property managers know the laws and we make sure your building complies with all the federal, state and local regulations.

Considering the above benefits, it’s safe to say that using the services of a property management company like McGrath Real Estate, is a smart way to go.

With us at your side, you can rest at ease knowing your property is in safe hands.

And, if you already have real estate, you can start the ball rolling by getting a property investment appraisal by our experts so you know where you stand.