When you are selling a home, it is incredible what the right styling can do to get your house sold quickly and have buyers fall in love with your home and want to make it their own.


It is a vital step to gain the upper hand in a competitive market and make your house look it’s best. Hiring a professional stylist can do wonders for helping to provide an external and non- emotional perspective on selling a home, but often the budget just doesn’t allow for getting an expert in.


At McGrath Real Estate, we want to see you get the best price for your home and in a quick timeframe. So here are our do-it-yourself styling tips that can help you freshen up your home and let you, and potential buyers see it in a whole new light.


All the beautiful family momentoes, photos and additional furniture should be removed from the home to give it a more professional feel. Think of it this way; When the big boss visits from head office, you clean up your desk at work to look professional before he arrives.


Styling a home for sale is the same. We get so familiar with our surrounds that we often don’t see things that perhaps would be better off not in a room. Ask a friend for their honest opinion; it might help you see things more objectively.

Make your bedrooms feel serene

Make your bedroom somewhere you would like to stay if you were on holidays. Making sure it’s clean with beautiful bedding, and mood lighting with lamps can assist in creating a relaxing atmosphere that will get the buyer wanting to move in straight away.

Fresh flowers

Add pops of colour with fresh flowers in the kitchen, bathroom and hallways. It will not only make the house smell beautiful, but it will add colour and life to your house, especially after you have taken out all of the personal touches. Flowers make people feel good and will make your home look (and smell) amazing.

Kitchens sell homes

Make sure your kitchen has that wow factor by making it look and feel vast and impressive. Take away all of the bench appliances that cause clutter and make it feel smaller, and ensure everything is clean and tidy and spacious.


These are just a few inexpensive styling tips that can have your house looking amazing, feeling amazing, and that will help you reach a great sale price on the day.


Joh Graney, our General Manager, offers interior styling assistance to all clients who list properties with McGrath. Get in touch today to find out more.


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