The beginning of a new year is usually that time when people take a minute to reflect on the year that was, where they are now, and where they want to be for the new year and beyond.


This often leads to questions about how happy we are in our jobs, whether our lifestyles are still the way we want them to be, and importantly if our homes are still fit for purpose.


Sometimes, the answers people find are that things are no longer the way they want them to be, and upon stopping to reflect, they realise that things have been less than they would love for a little while already.


This can be great news!


Realising that change is needed is the first step. There are many things that happen in people’s lives which although minor at the time, all add up to a change in direction or a change in circumstance, and which then mean that the status quo of your life no longer fits the bill. This is an opportunity!


Change is a constant in people’s lives, and it’s usually those who embrace change that do the best. So, in feeling like some changes might be on the agenda for 2019, remember that change can be, and usually is a great thing.


For example: Think about the changes of growing your family from 2 members to 3, or 3 members to 4. These changes bring with them challenges, but they ultimately result in the growth of your family, growth of your relationships, and exciting new lifestyle opportunities.


So, what does it mean for you?


Look at it as a health check on where you and your family is at, and a platform from which to launch the next year.


If a sea change is on the cards for you, embrace it and go for it. Use the start of a new year to find that extra bit of courage you might need to look beyond the boundaries of where you’re currently at, and leap into a new challenge and new opportunity for 2019.


And remember, you need not be alone in making these changes in your life. We love what we do, and we’re always here to help you find the perfect landing pad for your new sea change.

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