Employer of the year award - the McGrath Real Estate team at the REISA Awards For Excellence

Some of the McGrath Real Estate team upon winning Employer of the Year at the REISA Awards for Excellence

We’re not in the habit of shouting our successes from the rooftops but on this occasion, being named Employer of the Year, it’s surely warranted.

On Saturday 14 October at a black-tie event at the Adelaide Convention Centre, McGrath Real Estate was announced the SA/NT Employer of the Year in the REISA Awards for Excellence in Real Estate 2017.

The crucial point of difference between an average real estate agency and an excellent real estate agency is its ability to attract, select, train, mentor, remunerate and retain, exceptional employees.

We know that this is one of our great strengths—it’s the reason for the success and longevity of our business, for the loyalty of our clientele and for our reputation as the real estate agency of choice in Adelaide’s western and coastal suburbs.

How you get to be Real Estate Employer of the Year

You could be forgiven for thinking that an ambitious, focussed, hardworking person with great real estate experience would be the ideal candidate for joining the sales team in our busy office.

On the face of it, they could do well for our business and themself, however, one of the principles underpinning our success is creating and maintaining a healthy work–life balance.

Over the decades we have seen some promising salespeople in our local industry rise quickly and, sadly, burn out just as quickly because they focussed on their jobs to the detriment of other facets of their lives.

We understand that supporting them and encouraging our team members to value their health, wellbeing, family life and happiness, helps them to enjoy coming to work and to achieve their full potential.

According a Huffington Post article, High Turnover Costs Way More Than You Think, “employers will need to spend the equivalent of six to nine months of an employee’s salary in order to find and train their replacement”.

That’s just another reason to take good care of our most important asset—our team.

We invest heavily in the training and development of our team members because we know that it pays off, both for our business and for their careers.

We also make it a priority to treat ourselves and each other with kindness, to find reasons to laugh together—and occasionally at each other—and to celebrate together our successes within and outside our workplace.

Real Estate Employer of the Year

To us, being named Real Estate Employer of the Year is sign that we’re doing some of the really important things really well.

For our existing and potential clients it means they can be assured of having their needs met by trained administrative and sales staff who are working for us because they want to and who are giving the very best of themselves because they have their work in balance with the rest of their lives.

Contact us to discuss how our valued and motivated team members can meet and exceed your expectations for service from a real estate agency.