Autumn is such a beautiful time in Adelaide, and as the leaves start to turn beautiful shades of yellow and burnt orange, we are reminded again whether we like it or not that life rolls on and summer is over for another year.


Autumn is a great time to stock up your veggie patch at home full of goodies for the cooler months. And, there is something ever so satisfying about planting out a garden.


It might be something you can do with your children, grandchildren, or just for yourself, and tending to your garden can be a grounding and therapeutic way to escape the rate race of day to day life.


Our top favourite Autumn veggies for planting are:


Spinach – Perfect for salads, spinach is a great Autumn veggie and helps add a touch of green to your plate for your nightly meal.



Snow peas – What child doesn’t enjoy picking snow peas direct from the veggie patch? These sweet and munchable pods are perfect just on their own, but also make the perfect addition to salads, stir-fries and pasta dishes.



Radishes – Are super easy to grow and a beautiful and bright addition to your salads, soups, etc.



Kale – If you are trying to up your intake of greens, Kale is the perfect addition to your veggie patch. Kale can be used for smoothies, salads or is super delicious baked in the oven with some olive oil and maybe a little bit of chilli for a delicious snack.


Broccoli – Another veggie that some kids love to eat straight from the veggie patch, and which goes well with any dish of meat and three veg, stir-fry, or just on its own.



Beetroot – This gorgeous winter veggie grows well in the Autumn months and can really add a depth of flavour to your roast veggies and roast lamb.


Whatever you plant, there is something so satisfying about taking the time to plant and grow your own veggies.


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