Reel in a home buyer, tips from McGrath Real Estate. Image: Reels by Ben+Sam via FlickrIt’s a tricky business, landing a really big fish, but there are some fishing lessons that will help you reel in a home buyer.

Because, let’s face it, when your house is on the market the fish don’t come much bigger than a motivated buyer!

Landing big fish is not a job for the novice, that’s where your professional local real estate agent’s experience and training comes in.

The age-old dilemma in real estate is that while the seller wants to get the highest-possible price for their home, the buyer wants to pay the lowest-possible price.

So once your home buyer is ready to negotiate a price, you can help your selling agent to seal the deal by offering up some sweeteners.

Reel in your home buyer: Big fish like shiny things

The appeal of your home to a buyer is based on an entire package—the house itself and its location, of course, but also the ambience you have created with your décor, furniture and appliances.

Coordinating shiny stainless-steel appliances add a lot of appeal to your kitchen and laundry, especially for a buyer looking to upgrade their own worn and older models with their next move.

If you offer these as part of the deal, the cost of replacing them in your new home can be offset or exceeded by the higher sale price your agent will be able to negotiate.

Reel in a homebuyer: Life’s little luxuries, toys and tools

On the topic of appliances, a large plumbed-in fridge-freezer that dispenses ice and iced water could be an attractive incentive for your buyer if you are prepared to put it into the mix.

Likewise, if you have a large plasma screen wired into your living room or media room, consider offering it as another bargaining chip for your selling agent to use.

If your home is located near a golf course and you have a golf buggy (especially one you are unlikely to use at your new home), you could use that as an inducement for your buyer.

And if your block is a large one that you maintain with a ride-on mower, your buyer would likely find that an attractive addition to the final package.

Reel in a homebuyer: Be flexible

Work with your selling agent to identify attractive items that you could offer to convince your buyer to sign a contract at a price with which you are both happy and that will allow you to replace the items included in the deal.

Reel in a homebuyer: Work with the big-game fishers

Based on Adelaide’s beautiful coast and specialising in its coastal and western suburbs, McGrath Real Estate has just the right team to help you land your big fish.

With more than four and a half decades of experience helping clients buy and sell in this local area, we have the skills and knowledge to help you attract homebuyers and reel in the one that matters.

And, surely, being a trusted real estate agent in Glenelg counts for some fishing cred, too!


Image: Reels by Ben+Sam via Flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0