Selling Real Estate

McGrath Real Estate would open an office on one of Adelaide’s fine jetties if it could

If you’re selling real estate in Adelaide, then seeking selling advice from someone with a reputation as ‘the agent you can recommend’ sounds like a great course of action.

McGrath Real Estate has that reputation and we are aware that it has been earned. It has been proven. And it has been upheld. Time and time again.

It is the culmination of consistently exceptional service and outstanding results some 45+ years in the making.

‘The agent you can recommend’, McGrath Real Estate, is at the heart of South Australian coastal property, and it is a reputation we hold gratefully.

McGrath Real Estate synonymous with Adelaide coastal real estate

McGrath Real Estate is synonymous with Adelaide coastal real estate because the business has been based ‘bayside’ since 1970 and through time has remained refreshingly local and passionately parochial about coastal living for all people selling real estate in Adelaide.

Now the company is being run by its third generation of the McGrath family, remaining refreshingly local and passionately parochial about coastal living for all people selling real estate in Adelaide.

With this clear understanding of living and breathing Adelaide coastal real estate, it is little wonder McGrath Real Estate has attracted an extensive, highly trained and committed team, who live in and around the very suburbs they sell in.

This gives McGrath Real Estate, and you, our client, an enormous head start in the real estate market, which you’ll discover from the moment you apply for an appraisal to find out what your home is worth.

It’s never an easy decision to sell your home along Adelaide’s coastal and western suburbs, so when you do, get an experienced, professional local on your side for peace of mind.

We sell property, we manage property, we support our community

Alongside the sales offices, the company operates a vast property management portfolio.

The McGrath Real Estate property management portfolio offers you a streamlined investment facility designed exclusively for novice, and professional, investors alike.

We know what it takes to maintain properties along the coast and attract the right tenants.

Furthermore McGrath Real Estate is fully committed to the local communities that support it.

We strive to give back wherever we can, arranging charitable events and sponsorship for those that need it most.

Riding the waves of change selling real estate in Adelaide

Little, and a lot, has changed over the preceding four decades at McGrath Real Estate.

Cutting edge technology enables new marketing techniques, faster results and unbelievable reach.

But despite these changes, we have applied ourselves to maintaining the same impeccable service standards and old-fashioned familiarity; these traits remain ingrained.

We believe this unique combination of experience, local knowledge and commitment to solid values, that provides McGrath Real Estate clients a better property experience than anywhere else.

Call us today on 08 8350 4200 and let us ride the waves together.

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