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A reputation as ‘the agent you can recommend’ is no overnight occurrence. It has been built over three generations of helping families and investors sell real estate throughout Adelaide’s western and coastal suburbs since 1970. Whether you are ready to dip your toe or dive in, take up our offer of a free appraisal of your property by experts who live, breathe and sell with local knowledge.


“They got the results we wanted, were engaging, honest and hard working. Our property was listed with another real estate company prior to swapping to McGrath and I was so disappointed it took e so long to make that decision. Paul was always communicating about potential buyers, marketing ideas, what worked well and how it could be improved. I highly recommend this company and there staff. Thank you!”
– Leanne Hutton

“McGrath Real Estate are not a one man show, they have an absolute fantastic team all working together to get the job done. Each and every property manager is well organised and dedicated to their job. In particular Alex Maguire who does an outstanding job in management. If you need a sale agent, Glen Pagano and the team are the ones to go to! I highly recommend McGrath and the team!”
– Daniel Scali

“He constantly kept us up to date on what was happening with our property throughout the whole sale process. Living interstate did not hinder this process whatsoever. I found him to be completely open and honest with the price guide and this was reflected in what the property went for. He was great in dealing with our tenants as well and went out of his way to also make the process a smooth one for them. I would highly recommend Paul if you were considering a real estate agent.”
– Megan Miller

Asset Management

Property Management Done Properly

Property Management should never be just about finding tenants, collecting rent, and doing a walk through a few times a year.

When you choose McGrath Group as your property managers, you get a dedicated team that not only does what you expect them to but actually goes above and beyond by treating your property as their own investment.

Our team works harder, maintains clear communication with your tenants, and inspects your property thoroughly so they can advise on routine repairs and timely maintenance that could save you big dollars in the future.

Click through to find out more about why it pays to entrust your property management with McGrath Group.

Property Management at McGrath Real Estate
Careers at McGrath Real Estate

Work Life Balance

Ready To Join The Employer Of The Year?

Richard Branson said if you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers, but at McGrath Real Estate, we believe we’ve gone further and deeper with this philosophy.

We have formalised the essence of our Mission Statement, To have fun whilst enriching the lives of others, into our Recipe For Success, which each staff member is introduced to from their first interview.

In performance reviews and when considering new Best Practice Procedures, we reference these ingredients of our “recipe”, in this order of importance:

  1. Health
  2. Relationships
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Career

The real estate sector has a strong culture of “over work” and “burn out”, so we have put strong policies and procedures in place to overcome these entrenched habits. With these ingredients, we demonstrate how McGrath Real Estate truly walks the talk of encouraging work life balance among its team members, not just for our happy customers but for a thriving business.

Interested in joining our team? Let’s talk. Contact our General Manager Joh Graney for a confidential discussion.


List Your Real Estate With McGrath

If you’re selling real estate in Adelaide, then seeking selling advice from someone with a reputation as ‘the agent you can recommend’ sounds like a great course of action.

McGrath Real Estate has that reputation and we are aware that it has been earned. It has been proven. And it has been upheld. Time and time again.

It is the culmination of consistently exceptional service and outstanding results some 40 years in the making.

‘The agent you can recommend’, McGrath Real Estate, is at the heart of South Australian coastal property, and it is a reputation we hold with gratefully.

We Sell Property

From appraisal, to sale, and after sale property improvement advice, we’re by your side!

We Manage Property

We’ll help you maintain properties along the coast and attract the right tenants.

At The Cutting Edge

We embrace new marketing techniques, for faster results and unbelievable reach.

We Love Our Community

We live in Adelaide’s coastal communities and support many local events and charities.

Art And Science

Pricing Your Home For Sale

If I asked you how you would approach the challenge of pricing your home for sale, I would expect the first thing you’d ask yourself is, “How much can I get for it?”

Your next thought will most likely be a figure—based primarily on hope and a hunch—for which you’d be happy to sell. Unfortunately, hopes and hunches don’t work in a competitive real estate market.

Let’s look at how you can derive a realistic price for your home that will appeal to buyers in your local market and give you a good return for your asset.

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