Support local
By Alison Burgess

1/04/2019 11:59am

It might be the person passing you on the street, the person sitting next to you on the bus on your way into work, or the one waiting in the shopping line to put their groceries through the auto teller.


And it could be you, sitting here reading this very blog.

Support Local

For many it’s the Australian dream; to run and own a local business, and it could be yours too. Local businesses and the people that run and work in them are the lifeblood or our communities.


They are the ones that go the extra mile when servicing clients or customers, the ones that sponsor the local soccer team or volunteer to clean up the beaches.


They are also the ones that employ your children, and provide safe and transformative working experiences for our lives.


But, local family-run and privately-owned businesses must always compete with the big guys. We see it in the duopoly of the big supermarkets, and the price that our farmers get for milk.


We see it when our favourite cafĂ© is heaving on a Sunday morning and we wonder why they don’t put more staff on, or when small businesses close their doors.


Smaller and privately-run businesses are essential for not only our communities but also for our economy, for our diversity, and to fulfil the dreams and aspirations of those that run them.


It’s true what they say that when you buy from a small business an ‘actual person’ does a happy dance.

We are local too

McGrath Real Estate Group is a proudly independently-run business so we understand the value and role it plays in our society with the business employing local people, contributing to the community we live in, and helping people in and out of homes; which for us is our passion.


So, this is just a little reminder to support the local businesses around you. Make conscious buying decisions, support your friends in business, share, recommend, and choose to work with more locally-run and locally-owned businesses when and where you can.


It can be a small change once a day that makes a big impact on someone else’s life.