If music be the food of love, play on to sell your house: Real estate and the science of sensation
By Amanda Scali

25/08/2016 12:00am

If music be the food of love, play on to sell your house: Real estate and the science of sensation

The art of successfully selling real estate is so much more sophisticated than just tidying up a house and garden then sticking a ‘FOR SALE’ sign in the front yard; professional agents know it requires the science of sensation.

Falling in love with a home stems not only from what we see, but also from what we hear, smell and feel, even though we may not be conscious of these influences.

While any competent real estate agent will recommend improvements to the physical appearance of your property, an outstanding agent will work with you to use ‘invisible’ factors to help your home sell for a better price.

As a vendor, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the science of sensation, whereby sensory organs can be stimulated to send positive messages to the brain?

Don't sell your house for a song, use music to attract buyers' hearts

One of those invisible factors is music, to which we are very sensitive.

Fast-food restaurants are known to have used music for many years to subliminally encourage diners to get in and out quickly.

If you frequent large shopping malls you will likely be familiar with their use of ambient music to help increase retail sales.

It’s an effective strategy because, via our sense of hearing, music can evoke an emotional response based on our life experiences.

Even if we are unfamiliar with specific songs or pieces, their arrangements, tempo and lyrics (if any) can penetrate our subconsciousness to subtly influence our mood and behaviour.

To take advantage of this phenomenon, the team at McGrath Real Estate has devised particular song and music selections to help would-be buyers start feeling at ease and at home during each inspection and open home.

Clever and discreet use of music can actually help buyers to fall in love with your property—the food of love, indeed.

Music and the science of sensation

You can be sure that we adopt a less-is-more approach when it comes to volume and intensity for the music we choose and play.

The aim is to invoke a happy, relaxed mood in prospective buyers, to encourage them to feel as though your home might just be ‘the one’—the perfect new home for their own family or household.

The use of specially selected music to help sell homes is a unique feature of our 6-star service and one more that sets us apart from merely competent selling agents.

If you’ll pardon a pun not quite worthy of The Bard, getting your property in harmony with buyers is just another reason for choosing the professionals at McGrath Real Estate to orchestrate the sale of your home.