Adelaide real estate selling tips: 3 different ways of selling your home
By Amanda Scali

9/12/2015 12:00am

Adelaide real estate selling tips: 3 different ways of selling your home

When you want to sell your property in Adelaide coastal suburbs, you have three main options.

These are:

  • For sale by private treaty
  • Tender
  • Auction

Each of these has its own strengths and weaknesses and one of the things McGrath Real Estate agents bring to the table is wisdom and advice, grounded in beachside real estate knowledge, to help guide you to the right choice.

But no matter which of these options you choose, one factor will always be critical: time.

Selling property is a race against the clock

Just before we look at the three real estate selling methods, there is one important reason to get your marketing approach right, and it is this:

Regardless of which selling method you choose, the first 4 weeks on the market are your most impactful and the best opportunity to get a premium price.

This is because buyer competition is typically at its peak during the first month of listing for almost any property.

So while we often help clients sell their Adelaide coastal real estate quickly, we still believe it is prudent to plan a longer approach to enable persistence to pay off when it becomes necessary.

With that in mind, we usually suggest a marketing program be put in place for twice the time likely to be needed, in other words, 60 days.

3 ways to sell your home

Here is our overview of the three real estate selling methods for you to choose between.

For Sale by Private Treaty

Private Treaty is our most successful strategy. McGrath Real Estate agents work with you to craft a marketing program designed around a set price or price range. While this is by far the most popular approach, it pays to consider the other two options in case they have more potential in your situation.


A tender invites buyers to put in an offer for your property in the form of a written contract before a specified date. A tender is normally accompanied by a high profile marketing plan to attract more attention to the property than is normal for a private sale program. One of the very important differences in tendering a property is that nobody else knows what anyone else is offering. Whereas by the auction method you can see that somebody is bidding over the other side of the room and then bid in response.


Auction has been around for hundreds of years as a way of selling all sorts of things. When there is an identifiable excess of demand, an auction has no peer. Auction can 'attack' the market both in a buyers' market or a sellers' market. In a sellers' market where there are few homes to sell and many buyers, it will give sellers a higher price. In a buyers' market where there are many homes for sale and fewer buyers, you may attack the market and therefore save valuable time.

Getting the finance right

No matter whether you are selling or buying real estate, getting the finance right is crucial and can relieve a lot of stress.

As a value added service, McGrath Real Estate offers what we believe are the best home insurance and financial services available through Aloanplus.

We can help integrate your financial needs when buying or selling property, in order to make the process as anxiety free as possible. Our network can also be used to meet your on-going insurance and financial requirements.

Our service gives you a choice of insurers across relevant policies: landlord, home loan and rent protection insurance. We also offer an extensive range of home loans and leasing options with a selection of 30 accredited lenders. We provide a fast track approval process and immediate quotes

So we wish you well in your property endeavours and stand ready to help you get the most out of your Adelaide coastal real estate experience.