Tips for preparing a house for sale in winter: Think warm thoughts
By Amanda Scali

23/02/2017 12:00am

Tips for preparing a house for sale in winter: Think warm thoughts

Traditionally, tips for preparing a house for sale in winter began with, try to avoid the season altogether for fear buyers are more reluctant to go out to inspect homes in colder, rainier weather.

The evidence does not necessarily back up that perception, but it can work in your favour if it deters others from selling in the colder months.

If you are planning to sell in winter by choice or need, let’s look at how to prepare a house for sale so that it offers a warm welcome to potential buyers.

Tips for preparing a house for sale in winter: Fix the cold-weather woes

When the summer sun is shining, it’s easy to forget the shortcomings of your house that made you miserable in frosty weather, but you need to recall and rectify them before you sell.

Even if you require the services of professionals to do so, it will be worth it to ensure that prospective buyers don’t experience the same discomfort you have when they inspect your property in winter.

Your first priority should be warmth

How disheartening is it to return from a well-heated workplace only to shiver in your own home?

If your heating is outdated or inadequate, consider replacing it.

If you choose not to because of the expense, remember this will likely be a bargaining point for the eventual buyer.

Any heating system will operate more efficiently without draughts, so ensure:

  • Your windows and doors close properly and have weather seals where necessary
  • Curtains and blinds should fit windows correctly so when drawn they insulate against the colder air outside

Close out the cold

Open-plan living is not conducive to economical heating, a concern for many families.

If you can, make rooms not in use, able to be closed off to reduce heating costs.

Any evidence of dampness will set alarm bells ringing for buyers about mould and water damage.

Identify the source of moisture, take measures to eradicate it permanently and repair the damage it has caused. You may need an expert for this job.

Choosing not to spend money on this work could result in buyers passing over your house.

Tips for preparing a house for sale in winter: Let the sun shine in

When the winter sun does shine, you need to be sure that your house can benefit from it.

Trim any trees or bushes that block sunlight entering your windows.

To elicit a feeling of warmth in your home, ensure that your lighting is bright but not harsh.

Yellow-toned bulbs cast a warmer, more welcoming light than stark white ones.

Especially in the wintertime, you want your living room to look cosy rather than clinical.

If your d├ęcor is based on cool colours, introduce some warmer-coloured highlights to create a better balance for the sale period.

Tips for preparing a house for sale in winter: Talk to a local expert

The experience of McGrath Real Estate’s professional agents in selling property covers all Adelaide’s western and coastal suburbs in every season and in all weathers.

We look forward to the opportunity to talk with you about your plans to sell in winter and how we can help you achieve your best selling price.