How to earn a reputation as the real estate agent of choice: Insider tips from McGrath Real Estate
By Amanda Scali

14/07/2016 12:00am

How to earn a reputation as the real estate agent of choice: Insider tips from McGrath Real Estate

McGrath Real Estate’s reputation as the real estate agent of choice in Adelaide’s western and coastal suburbs has been built over four and a half decades.

We know that success in real estate is about so much more than the numbers, but, of course, the numbers do matter to everyone.

As I look back over our history, I can see we have achieved great sales results through developing strong relationships with our clients.

This has meant many of our clients have returned to us again and again, referred their family members and friends to us, and have even spread the word about McGrath Real Estate through their business networks.

While it is very humbling to be regarded highly, the key to maintaining our reputation is in how well we persevere with our commitment to relationships.

And the truth is, we know this will never fade because we hire people who espouse these values and we all stop to remind ourselves of the importance of client relationships every single week.

To be a real estate agent of choice we need to 'choose' new agents very carefully

The McGrath Real Estate team creates such great rapport with our clients because we employ agents based on three important criteria:

  • They care deeply for their clients
  • They love the lifestyle where they live and work, which is in Adelaide’s western and coastal suburbs
  • They are willing and equipped to apply rigour to the science of selling for you

When the time comes for you to choose an agent to sell your home or investment property, make sure they meet important criteria too.

We've captured a few, below.

Let the people decide: McGrath Real Estate testimonials

Ultimately, our clients decide whether we are worthy of the mantle, real estate agent of choice.

While there are many ways of measuring our progress, one of the most important is 'what you say about us' after our initial dealings with you.

We feel that McGrath are a group with high values and ethics. They valued us as an individual, not just another client. They are local and look after the locals. We felt that the whole team knew we existed and were interested in a good outcome for us. We were constantly kept in the loop and informed of any developments. M & P Caire

Paul had come out to do an appraisal when we first started looking at homes. He was knowledgeable but listened to what we wanted. He continued to touch base with Greg for several months before we were ready to put our home on the market. No other agents did that. G & K Lynch

What these two examples show us is just how much the little things matter!

The DNA of a real estate agent of choice

Here are the important points to tick off when you are choosing a real estate agent to represent you and your property to the local marketplace; Western Adelaide and Adelaide's coastal suburbs.

  • They are licensed to sell property in the state
  • You feel comfortable with them—chances are if you don’t, prospective buyers won’t either
  • They have runs on the board—which means not just experience, but a depth of experience in selling properties like yours
  • They are clear and upfront about fees, charges, commissions and their terms of contract
  • They develop a marketing plan for your property using a range of advertising media including electronic, print and property signage incorporating high-quality photographs
  • They can produce testimonials from multiple recent clients and are willing to provide you with their contact details (assuming they have permission to do so)
  • They listen to you and make an effort to understand your motivation and timeframe for selling, including any family circumstances that may make the process complex or emotional
  • They value your input to the sale and negotiation process, while respectfully advising you from the benefit of their experience
  • They keep you in the loop—if you constantly have to chase your agent for updates and information, they are either disorganised, have too much on their plate or do not value your business highly enough
  • They have relationships with other businesses you may need, such as mortgage brokers, conveyancing firms and removalists

McGrath Real Estate agents are selected and trained to bring you all this and more.

When you list your home with us you’re putting it in trusted, experienced hands that know the local market inside out.