Selling coastal real estate: What is my home worth?
By Amanda Scali

5/05/2016 10:18am

Selling coastal real estate: What is my home worth?

If you have real estate along the Adelaide coastline, you will probably be curious to ask what is my home worth?

And we can thank the long-standing Australian dream of a family house by the beach as one of the factors keeping your home value buoyant.

With populations on the rise and beachfront properties hard to come by, families and young professionals are turning to the greater coastal regions to buy their homes.

With properties in higher demand this can means a significant increase in the value of your coastal real estate.

What is my home worth in Adelaide's coastal suburbs?

Coastal communities in Adelaide offer many benefits over beachfront and rural areas.

With a doorstep full of shopping, schools and cafés, as well as just being a short drive to the beach, coastal real estate is fast becoming the perfect choice for those who want the best of both worlds.

The easy access to the beach and a short skip to community facilities, means coastal communities offer buyers everything they want in a home without the beachfront price tag, although the price tide is rising!

At McGrath Real Estate, we have long noted how being located in a coastal community can significantly increase the value of your home, but there are also other factors that can affect the value of coastal real estate.

What is my home worth? Size of land

The size of your land is directly related to the value of your home – the bigger the land, the higher the value of the home.

As land is an appreciating asset (where it becomes more valuable as it ages), land is a key deciding factor in the value of your home.

In coastal regions, larger land blocks are highly sought after, as it means buyers can be near the beach as well as have the big backyard.

What is my home worth? Age of your property

With modern décor, open-plan living and structurally sound exteriors, newer homes are typically worth more than older houses.

However age works hand-in-hand with condition.

So if you are looking to sell an older-style coastal home, freshen it up with bright paint and an inviting front yard to boost exterior appeal.

What is my home worth? How close you are to the beach

Though you aren’t immediately beachside, proximity to the beach for coastal properties is still an important factor.

Buyers looking in coastal areas are usually doing so because they still want easy access to the beach.

Therefore, chat with your McGrath Real Estate agent so we can help you extol the virtues of the sand being simply a bike-ride or a 5 minute drive away because when marketed correctly, these things will all vastly improve the value of your home.

What is my home worth? Proximity to amenities

Alongside access to the beach, proximity to amenities such as shops, schools, cafes and community facilities are hugely important to coastal buyers.

Looking for an established community, coastal buyers will confidently pay more for a property that is an easy skip to the 'village'.

This proximity therefore will also directly affect the value of your home.

If you do have property to sell within Adelaide's coastal suburbs, a McGrath Real Estate free appraisal will be invaluable.

If you are looking to buy in the coastal areas, consider using our Coastal Concierge service so we can help you connect to the right property for you.

At McGrath Real Estate buyers and sellers can benefit from our local knowledge because we understand the value of Adelaide's coastal real estate.

Photo: Harbour Island by Amanda B via Flickr