The 4 Cs of selling your older home: Adelaide real estate tips
By Amanda Scali

7/04/2016 12:00am

The 4 Cs of selling your older home: Adelaide real estate tips

Every property is unique, and each house has individual traits that make it the perfect home for someone.

If you're planning on selling your older home, it is worth noting that aged properties can be wonderfully appealing if presented in the right light, particularly in this current trend of renovations and DIY.

When putting an older home on the market there are 4 golden Cs of selling that will drastically improve your return.

Selling your older home: Character

Home is where the heart is, and character-filled houses sell.

Buyers love to see houses that have a slightly ‘lived-in’ feel as it helps them to imagine living there.

And houses that show they’ve been loved tell the buyer that the house will have been well maintained.

Some simple things that will give your older home a great chance of finding a buyer include clearing out clutter such as removing family photos. However, to keep the charm and unique character of the house, leave books on the shelf, magazines on the coffee table, and flowers on the tables, so it still feels like it is a home.

For properties by the beach, give your home a 'beachy' feel with light colours and aqua furnishings. Buyers will be looking at the house because of its location so style the house to fit its sought-after locale.

Gardens are also an ideal place to inject some character into your home. Dead plants and boring yards are a quick turn off so update your garden with fresh plants, tempting outdoor areas and interesting landscaping.

First impressions count, so make sure the path to the house is clear and inviting, and consider a bright, colourful coat of paint on the front door.

Selling your older home: Condition

Not all homes age well and if your older house is in need of a facelift, there are a few things you can do to present the home in the best possible light, including:

  • Reviewing flooring. It is one of the first things people notice, so try restoring or replacing old carpet or re-sanding tired floorboards.
  • Applying a lick of paint can do wonders for internal walls and kitchen cupboards.
  • Ensuring any appliances included in the sale are in working order.
  • Freshening bathrooms with a coat of paint and re-grout the tiles.
  • Checking older roofs prior to sale to avoid the sale falling through due to structural problems being found in the inspection.

While many of these jobs could be dubbed 'preventative', it is better to act beforehand and fix problems or remove obstacles, rather than having a nasty surprise in the marketplace!

Selling your older home: Council

A lot of beachside buyers will be looking at properties for location, so knowing the zoning and development options for your property is also essential to your sales strategy.

For example, are extensions allowed? What about a pool?

Being able to inform interested buyers of the potential for the property helps them to envisage creating their own home from yours.

Also check for any potential developments in the area that could affect your property.

Selling your older home: Community

Many buyers looking at older homes are searching for a property that is in a desirable community.

Therefore, another vital part of your sales strategy is the proximity to shops, cafes, schools and entertainment.

This is where home owners in the Western and Coastal suburbs of Adelaide would do well to choose McGrath Real Estate as their selling agents. We live and breathe this great part of Adelaide and know how to show it off for attracting the best prices.

Breathe life and love into your older home so prospective buyers feel at home when they view it, and you would have done your best to achieve a great selling price.