The Fastest Home in the West: Selling real estate in Adelaide’s western suburbs
By Amanda Scali

14/04/2016 12:00am

The Fastest Home in the West: Selling real estate in Adelaide’s western suburbs

Contrary to the popular notion that the majority of Adelaideans aspire to live only in the city’s leafy eastern suburbs, living in Adelaide’s west has great appeal to many people because it provides a lifestyle that trumps many other considerations.

It is why selling real estate in Adelaide’s western suburbs provides an advantage to real estate agents who are on the home team.

At McGrath Real Estate, we know the west has unbeatable advantages over the rest of Adelaide, including:

  • Its proximity to the beach
  • Its nearness to the airport

Here's how these two factors alone make western Adelaide appealing to home buyers.

Holidaying at home, on or near the beach

There is something about living in close proximity to the beach that lifts the soul.

Residents in Adelaide's western suburbs know they can enjoy beach access ranging from a 20-minute car trip to a mere 20-pace stroll.

As locally based real estate agents we know you have the lure of the coast on your side when selling in the west.

But what might not be obvious at first glance is that it’s not just surfers and sun seekers that want to be by the sea and it’s not desirable only in the summertime.

Year-round the ocean attracts fishing enthusiasts, nature lovers and those looking for a more relaxed and arguably healthier way of life than the rest of the city can offer.

The region’s other natural assets include flatter topography for cyclists and those wanting to be more active.

Nothing beats flying back home to Adelaide

Apart from having a very short commute when you fly home to Adelaide airport and you're living in Adelaide's west, people buying or leasing business premises find airport access a big attraction.

And these business people will often be in the market for residential properties in suburbs nearby, which boosts the attractiveness of your property if marketed correctly.

Redevelopment throughout the inner west and other western suburbs also works in your favour to attract buyers, with the boom in cafés and cultural venues and the beautification of public spaces adding to the appeal of the west.

Such development generates employment in the local area—not just during construction, but also in retail and commercial ventures after projects are completed and the buildings sold or let, which potential buyers will be keen to hear and be part of.

How the west gets sold

At McGrath Real Estate, we believe showcasing the unique characteristics of your western suburbs home and setting your price in line with the market are very important factors in achieving the optimal outcome.

And we know from experience that having a local real estate agent on your side will help you shorten your time on the market dramatically.

By having our finger on the pulse of what’s driving home sales in Adelaide's west, we know how to quicken the heartbeats of  potential buyers.

And much of this comes from being agents who live locally and know what’s best about living in the west, enabling us to use that knowledge to your advantage.