Planting the Spring garden
By Amanda Scali

31/10/2018 10:44am

Adelaide’s coastal suburbs enjoy a temperate climate, and Springtime brings with it the sunshine to warm the soil in your garden, and the rains you need to grow those beautiful Spring garden delights.


October is the time to grow……?


Not everything will be well suited to growing this time of the year, but October is a great month for planting things like zucchini, corn, pumpkin, cucumbers and beans along with others like tomato, eggplant, carrots, and chilli which will attract beneficial insects into your garden and set you up for healthy, happy summer crops.


You can also plant edible flowers such as marigolds and dill, so you get the beautiful flowers in your garden to brighten up your backyard, and you get to eat them too! And for the salad lovers out there, now is a great time to plant those fresh, crisp salad ingredients like Asian greens, lettuce, and silverbeet.


What’s so special about a garden?


A garden is one of those special things you remember about a home, regardless of whether you’re renting or you own it. Everyone has their favourite fruits and veggies that they love to eat, and now is a great time to be getting them planted. This will have your Spring garden on track to deliver a bountiful harvest of delicious, fresh produce from your own backyard.


Growing your own garden is about experiencing a journey and a process, not just about the harvest. A backyard garden is a great way to keep the kids busy planting, watering, and fertilizing whilst being educational for them too. These really are the things in life that make it special, that make a house into a home, and somewhere that is uniquely yours.