October 2018

Planting the Spring garden

Amanda Scali   31/10/2018 10:44am

Adelaide’s coastal suburbs enjoy a temperate climate, and Springtime brings with it the sunshine to warm the soil in your garden, and the rains you need to grow those beautiful Spring garden delights.

Summer Pavlova dessert

Amanda Scali   23/10/2018 10:45am

One of the best ways to create memories in your own home is being able to spend time baking delicious treats to share with friends and family.


Our absolute favourite warm-weather dessert is a delicious, fruit-filled Pavlova. There’s so much room to be creative with the toppings on these desserts, and they are always a crowd favourite so you’ll be onto a winner with this great recipe.

Staying Safe and Happy at the Beach

Amanda Scali   19/10/2018 10:46am

Living by the coast allows many opportunities to grab the kids, the dog, or possibly both and head on down to the beach to enjoy a bit of downtime. With sand between the toes, the smell of sunscreen in the air and the clear blue ocean lapping at the shores, beach days are what dreams are made of.


But you do need to take care at the beach, especially when going into the water. By taking a couple of things into consideration you can enjoy that beach trip and keep the whole family safe whilst you do it.

The health benefits of a sunny disposition

Alison Burgess   9/10/2018 10:47am

Have you ever noticed how much brighter everyone seems when the sun comes out?

There are many good reasons why people are happier in the warmer, sun-soaked months. Sunshine provides people with many health benefits, so whilst you need to be careful and moderate the exposure to the sun to avoid sunburn and other harmful effects, there is a bright side to sunshine (excuse the pun) for our health, and here are some reasons why.