Springtime of your life
By Amanda Scali

12/09/2018 10:28am

Springtime in Adelaide brings a welcome new season of sunshine and warmer weather after some of us have spent the winter tucked away in the security of our own homes.


But with this new lease of life, comes the question of whether now is the right time for that change of scenery you’ve been longing for?


As more people venture out and about, there is typically a rise in the people looking to buy and sell houses, and this can be seen as either a positive, or a negative depending which side of the fence you’re currently on, and here’s why:




As more people venture out looking for that perfect lifestyle change, it tends to become a seller’s market, with demand increasing for a given number of properties on the market which typically leads to higher prices.

Great for the owners, but maybe not so great for the buyers.


Once the prices go up, they typically don’t come down again in a hurry as they can set a new benchmark for an area, so if you don’t get in now it may well be more expensive in the future.

So, it’s all about buying when you are ready because the market will always be changing.




On the other hand, if you’re the one doing the selling it can be a very rewarding time with lots of interest and anticipation from those looking to transition into something new, and the fact that they get excited over your property is a great reflection on all the heart and soul you’ve put into the home you’re transitioning out of.


In Spring, the sun shines, the birds sing, and the sound of the Auctioneer’s hammer rings out as many people get out to enjoy the sunshine and are feeling rejuvenated from their winter slumber.


Whichever the stage of life you’re at, there’s never really a good or bad time to buy, as good and bad are subjective terms.


It’s really a matter or what you want from life at the stage of it you’re at.


If we can make any move you’re considering easier, then we’re only too happy to do so.