April 2020

Ways to reduce your stress daily

Ways to reduce your stress daily

Amanda Scali   29/04/2020 11:44am

You might be feeling a little bit on edge or downright stressed during this time of upheaval. It might be that you are trying to juggle home-schooling your children, a personal or professional financial crisis, or both.

Stress can manifest in strange ways in our bodies. And it’s vital to be mindful of stress. If we are more mindful of our stress and look for ways to manage it better, we can hopefully reduce the impact on our bodies.

Here are some tips for reducing stress in your day to day life.

Buying property in uncertain times

Buying property in uncertain times

Amanda Scali   21/04/2020 11:47am

It feels like the world has stopped; events are being cancelled, venues are closing, and new restrictions by the government are applied constantly.

While everyday life is changing rapidly, buying a new property or an investment property might still be on your radar as you look to invest in your future.

It can be a hard decision to decide when is the right time to go ahead with that prized property purchase.

Here are some points to consider.

Comfort cooking

Comfort cooking

Amanda Scali   15/04/2020 11:50am

If you are looking for some comfort in cooking a delicious and warming meal at this crazy time, then you’ve come to the right place.

We all no doubt has certain foods that make us just feel good and having roast lamb cooking in the oven on a weekend night as the weather cools and the days get shorter can be a great sense of comfort.

This lamb is delish and super easy to organise. Served best with your favourite Autumn veggies and a big side of family time and love.


Easter entertainment during COVID-19

Easter entertainment during COVID-19

Amanda Scali   8/04/2020 11:55am

As Easter is nearly upon us, you might be thinking about how you are going to keep the kids entertained.

In normal times that can be hard but throw in a global pandemic and all the family under one roof day in day out and it can add to the stress.

Here is our list of simple ideas to keep those young minds occupied this Easter long weekend, while we all try to find a new normal amongst these COVID-19 times.