May 2019

Living a happy and full life; It's up to you.

Alison Burgess   27/05/2019 12:01pm

Are you searching for happiness? Do you want to live a full life? These seem to be questions that often pop up in times of change personally, professionally or changes in our society economically or politically.

At McGrath we want our staff to live their lives to the fullest, to enjoy and love their work but also to love the other areas of their lives. Because when our people are happy and fulfilled, the rest falls into place.

Striving for the answer to living a happy life is an age-old question, and it means something different to every person.

Honey it’s cold outside

Amanda Scali   20/05/2019 12:02pm

Beautiful crisp mornings after frosty cool nights are one of the hallmarks of Autumn weather in South Australia. But, with the cold mornings and clear crisp skies, we are often blessed with sun-filled days. Beautiful days to soak up the sunshiney rays.


So, whilst the sun is still out and before winter creeps in, it’s worth getting those last Autumn daytime BBQ’s in with family and friends before we all head into winter hibernation.


There are many delicious Autumn things that you can pop on the BBQ from steaks, to fish, Autumn veggies like corn and zucchini, and homemade skewers always go down a treat as well.


Our recipe for gooey honey chicken skewers is a delicious addition to your BBQ repertoire.

Maximise your investment

Amanda Scali   13/05/2019 12:18pm

As we head towards the end of the financial year it’s always a good time for investment property owners to look at how they can minimise their tax and maximise gains on their investment.


Tax and end of the financial year are not topics that many get excited about so we’ve tried to simplify some of the things you need to think about and ways you can minimise your tax footprint.