January 2019

Planning for change

Amanda Scali   29/01/2019 11:08am


It’s always interesting to see how different people go about deciding on which house to buy, particularly for owner-occupiers as they can have a far more complex set of priorities than investors who are looking mainly for cash flow and returns.


People are inevitably at different stages in their lives when we meet and have different needs when purchasing a home, but how many of us really take the time to think through where we will be in 5 -10 years, and will this house still suit of lifestyles?

Make the most of your Australia Day!

Amanda Scali   21/01/2019 11:38am

With Australia day just around the corner, our minds wander to the ever-important question of what do we cook for our guests on Australia day that will have everyone at the party feeling happy, healthy, and patriotic?


For us, there’s nothing quite like the good old Aussie BBQ fired up on Australia day, with a load of prime Australia Lamb on the menu.


If you’re someone who struggles to come up with just the perfect thing for the day, not to fear, we’ve got you covered with this great recipe for mouth-watering Lamb chops that’s sure to be the perfect accompaniment to your celebration of all that makes Australia great.

Adelaide comes alive for Kids in January

Amanda Scali   14/01/2019 11:49am

January is absolutely one of the best months to live in Adelaide, and for the kids still enjoying their well-earned, extended holiday break before the start of the new school year, there are ample things to see and do to keep them out of trouble.

The other side of the investment bubble

Alison Burgess   7/01/2019 11:50am

There’s been more stringent regulation in recent times in the property investment market.

The financial regulators have been cracking down on the banks’ previous habit of lending far more than they should to people wanting to invest in property, and their willingness to lend interest-only, rather than the more expensive principal and interest loans.