June 2019

Chicken soup

Amanda Scali   24/06/2019 12:19pm

Brrr it’s cold outside. One of the joys of winter is cooking up a big batch of delicious and warming soup on a Sunday afternoon to devour for an evening meal or pack and take to work as a lunchtime treat.


And if your office has a cold circulating, this can be a beautiful dish to make up in bulk and take into the office to share and enjoy with your colleagues.

How to brighten your home during the winter months

Amanda Scali   17/06/2019 12:57pm

We all know that when we feel good in our surrounding, we are more comfortable, more relaxed and happier.


Having a dark and dreary home can put a damper on our days and our mood, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Pardon the pun! By making some slight adjustments around the home, it can help brighten our days and our lives.


Here are our top tips:

Weeknight Enchiladas

Amanda Scali   11/06/2019 12:58pm

Easy weeknight meals that keep the kids happy and fed, get some veggies into them and are delicious for the adults too are the goal of many households.


Especially in winter when the days seem shorter and with the sun setting a lot earlier in the day, it seems to be a scramble to the finish line most days.


It can be hard to try new things; we get stuck in our old ways of cooking and what we are comfortable with.


These enchiladas are a veggie enchilada recipe and make for an excellent addition if you are trying to have ‘meat-free Monday’ or get more veggies in, and they are scrumptious to boot!