July 2018

A breakfast sure to impress

Amanda Scali   30/07/2018 10:14am

If you have just bought your first home, heading out for those lazy, long Sunday brunches may be a thing of the past.


The days of avocado on toast and cold drip coffee slip down the priority list as you spend more time, energy, and investment on your home and mortgage repayments. Congratulations on taking the step and buying somewhere to call home.


Sunday morning breakfast at home can still be something cafĂ© worthy, so we’ve provided some inspiration with a blueberry pancake recipe that is a definite winne

De-clutter your life, de-clutter your mind

Alison Burgess   24/07/2018 10:15am

It is often not until we have a life event such as moving to a new house that we kick into gear to do a well overdue de-clutter and clean. If you are anything like me you will have drawers of trinkets, hair products you don’t use, and clothes that are not being worn.


We accumulate so much stuff over time, and if you’ve lived in your house for many years it can often seem overwhelming.


Some of it we barely use, much of it we hold on to for sentimental reasons, and some because we just don’t set aside the time to de-clutter our lives.


De-cluttering the home can be as rewarding as it can be cathartic. It can also be profitable if you’re able to re-sell some of your items.


We suggest starting small by tackling one drawer at a time, then building up to tackling whole rooms. If you over commit and do too much at once, you run the risk of being overwhelmed and putting it in the too hard pile.