July 2019

Picking a Cook’s kitchen

Amanda Scali   22/07/2019 1:01pm


You may have a big wishlist, but the budget, space, or size might not fit your expectations.


So, if you are looking at a house you love but the kitchen is the area that is not quite selling you, here are some tips for thinking outside the box.

Tips to keep your home safe and secure during the (mid-year) holiday season

Alison Burgess   15/07/2019 1:00pm


The winter months in Adelaide are often a time of the year where many of us take that mid-year getaway to warmer shores, but with the sea change and warmer weather often comes a little anxiety about the safety and security of our home while we’re out of town.


There are some things you can do to reduce the risk of anything untoward happening to your home while you’re away, so here are our top 3 suggestions of things to do prior to leaving.

Comfort cooking

Amanda Scali   7/07/2019 1:00pm

Comfort cooking is essential to get you through the middle of winter. Throwing together a delicious pizza can be really fun and an easy dinner, and if you are trying to keep kids entertained this school holidays, pizzas can be a great way to get them helping you in the kitchen.


This delicious recipe is for a tomato and prosciutto pizza. Bellissimo